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I made a point about Were The Reason Shirt how outdoor cats are glorified stray and that their owners are just too lazy to give a damn about actually taking care of their cats. Someone told me that it was a culture thing and that outdoor cat owners shouldn’t be shamed because they don’t know better or something along those lines. But I would think that culture or not, is it not COMMON SENSE that the prerequisite of having a pet is to actually have the pet safe and contained? Whether cats hunt endangered animals or not or whether they will get killed by larger predators is one thing, you can say that these are not concerns in your geographical area but you can’t say that cars or people don’t exist where you’re at
Plus the fact that outdoor cats get all sorts of parasites; worms, ticks, fleas, etc and is exposed to all sorts of diseases FIP, FIV, FeLV, etc. Not only that, if the cat is let indoors as well, it’s gonna track all sorts of dirt in with it. It’s going on your bed, couches, counters. Cats don’t just lay around in the sun, they get into drains, sewers, garbage, where ever and you’re letting them bring all that into the house? That seems insanely unhygienic to me.
You’re absolutely right, too many people with “outside ” cats can’t differentiate between their precious bundle of fluff they play with in their house and their cat when it’s out killing wildlife, attacking other people’s pets, pissing and shitting in people’s yard and just being a general nuisance to people who don’t care its your pet.

Were The Reason Shirt

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