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It amazes me that still to this very fucking day that French politicians still pull this shit in France every fucking year. And every year the French people tell their government to fuck off. I think you guys need to get the guillotine out again because your politicians either don’t learn or don’t care and at this point neither is tolerable. The French are the epitome of fuck around even slightly and you will find the fuck out. As an American in Philadelphia, I must say that I aspire to be you. Good, we should be allowed to film police without restriction or punishment.

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When visiting France a local told us “there are two things you can expect here: rain and protests”We never had rain but we ran into a couple of protests! I respect the people’s will to fight back. I was very disappointed about coming back to America where we shame protesting. It’s so backward here. This is not a proposed ban l, that law has already been passed and is now into effect. The people are not happy because hours after it was voted, another video was leaked where a bunch of policemen committed a racial crime and ganged and beat up a colored citizen calling him the N-word.

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