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Is it any surprise, then, that religious organizations are often where the most hideous sexual abuse happens? The mechanisms of religious control are not all that different from pedophilic grooming. Isolate a child. Infantilize the child. Push the boundaries until the boundaries just blur away. Dangle and withhold the promise the love and affection in exchange for acceptance or acquiescence. The same thing that makes ‘pure’ young women, also just so happens to make prime sexual abuse targets. What an odd coincidence. Man here, I genuinely think the obsession

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No, this has to do with not wanting to be compared in terms of sexual ability to a woman’s previous partner because they might be worse. I would bet the percentage of men who think women actively think about such a comparison is higher than the percentage of women that actually do. I suppose I would be remiss to omit the sense of ownership some men want to have over their spouse as well which is likely a factor.

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