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It’s the same with his N. Korean policy that leads to nowhere, except this time he’s gone 180 and decided to sucker punch his opponent and somehow expect them to come to the negotiating table.WTF are you talking about? Ask any South Korean if they think nothing happened. You seriously have to be willfully ignorant to believe that Trump’s policy that resulted in NK stopping all nuke tests and most missile tests is worse than every other US President who allowed their nuke program to grow. You’re not a California liberal. You’re someone who doesn’t think for themselves and just goes along with what everyone tells you to do.

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Very low. The only reason Russia clandestinely sends them a small amount of support is they hate the USA. Putin won’t openly mobilize for a nation that is an extremely dubious ally. I know I sound like a broken record on this across different threads but just to recap for people who haven’t followed closely: Someone fired a rocket barrage at an Iraqi base, killing an American contractor. This particular Hezbollah branch, which is an official paramilitary group within Iraq’s armed forces, says they did not do it.

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