Teachers 2020 The One Where They Were Quarantined Shirt

The principal of my elementary school got fired the first year he was hired. Or took leave before he was arrested. I’m not actually sure which came first. So a couple kids in my 4th grade class thought they’d prank the science teacher by pouring iodine and bleach into his coffee when he wasn’t looking. The teacher tasted it as soon as the drink hit his tongue and immediately spit it out. He grilled the class and the kids admitted to it and got sent to the principals office. The principal found out which of them physically poured the chemicals into the coffee, then took him into the bathroom to discipline him (hit him). Apparently he grabbed the bottom of his jaw while screaming in his face. You could hear him echoing through the hallway. Then he squeezed hard enough that the boy started crying. So he slapped him across the face and told him to stop crying. The kids dad was a lawyer btw. Suddenly cops were in the building and our new principal was out the door.

Men's T-Shirt frontTeachers 2020 The One Where They Were Quarantined Shirt

Teachers 2020 The One Where We Were Quarantined Shirt

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