So Many Books So Little Time Shirt

My child is now an So Many Books So Little Time Shirt emotionally intelligent adult male who is sensitive and loving. Let us never normalize emotional neglect. Its horrific. My adult child and I make strange hugging motions every time we greet each other no matter how odd it feels. We say I love you. By the way thank God for Mr. Roger’s because I saw normal humans from an early age.
I’m a cat person while most of the people in my life are dog people. My friends consider me the “cat whisperer” because when they meet a cat, they all run up and try to pet it immediately. I’ll squat down at a moderate distance and let kitty come to me, then if he/she isn’t interested, I drop it. Wait and repeat. 90% of the time the event ends with kitty purring and making biscuits on my lap, with the friend saying “wow, she never likes new people!”
Both of my cats were feral barn kittens when I brought them home. To be fair they were quite young, but I basically just ignored them until they decided they wanted to be friends. They would come out from their hiding place at night to sleep in bed with me and the dog. Now they are 2 years old and the friendliest little lap cats.

So Many Books So Little Time Shirt

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