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We like our neighbors but Purchased CNA Shirt their cat kills our birds, poops all over our yard (and our dogs eats it of course and needs to get on meds because of it), not only that our dogs are friendly and the cat ran up to my small dog and attacked its face. While she just sat there like omg you don’t like me I was thinking this too. I have neighbors with cats who tear up my garden every year! And they will sit under my bird feeders and kill my wild birds. It’s super annoying… Personally I don’t have the stomach for hurting animals but I do get really pissed off and chew out the neighbors, and they all hate ME because I’m the crazy person, but damn get your cat away from my yard, they are killing everything
I guess the context as to where this is happening is pretty valuable to describe the situation, take in my case in Australia outdoor and feral cats have massive impacts on our natural wild life. Even our government along with every farmer I have met say to shoot every cat on sight. In saying that you obviously look for a collar or any indicator as to the cat being domesticated but to see a random cat in outback Australia it’s more than certain their feral. Also I’m not condoning shooting cats with airsoft guns as it’s just inhumane.

Purchased CNA Shirt

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