Perfect Ttowiert Schne Augen Und Dicke Schenkel Shirt

I think that’s pretty true, especially in the Reddit demographic where the majority of racists seem to be the young adult male incel types… but I will say old white ladies often give me (white Southern male) and my girlfriend (of Mexican descent) some ugly looks and terrible customer service.

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Perfect Ttowiert Schne Augen Und Dicke Schenkel Shirt

Of course, there are exceptions to that too, and sometimes we’ll have an old white waitress be almost obnoxiously sweet to us to try to show that she approves of us. Which is kind of weird, but I appreciate it. But goddamn, that old lady coldness hurts. Especially after living a life of naivety (before my GF) were old white ladies were almost always sweet as pie to me and I didn’t realize how many of them were racist.

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