Perfect Chicken American Flag Shirt

The death penalty is forever removed, and prison times are way less and instead focused on rehabilitation through becoming friends with the prisoners. Suddenly, the world has a lot less crime, especially due to the lack of financial problems! No more social media whoring, we suddenly evolve to become less jealous and fighting creatures, and countries with serious ethical problems like China, Russia, and North Korea suddenly try to turn a new eye and become friendly with the rest of the world on a large scale and remains this way forever.

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Official Chicken American Flag Shirt - Design By

The world changes from real meat to 1 to 1 synthetic meat that is untellable from the original in terms of flavor and nutrition that is as cheap or cheaper than real meat, saving the earth billions of lives from animals and global warming from methane gas / co2. Genetic modification has begun on almost all babies, creating humans that are not necessarily better than existing humans but don’t have terrible problems that plague them in neurological development.

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