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Sec of State Pompeo says they did do it, and therefore we retaliated killing 30+, the general, and sparking protests. Now, the only country afaik that’s come to our defense for the attack in Israel. All the other statements I’ve seen condemned it or showed major concern, including Iraq’s government. Keep in mind Iraq was also attacked in the initial rocket barrage. Now their national security council is saying they’re going to reevaluate their relationship with us. I don’t trust Pompeo. He’s been lying for Trump with the debunked Ukraine election meddling story. This executive branch is also comprised of people.

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The base has been getting hit with rockets before. Usually, they do minimal damage and I don’t think anyone’s ever died. Did we change our response just because a contractor died? I’m not really comfortable with that. It took republicans over a decade to unravel the mystery of Benghazi only to have it completely wrong and exonerate the person they accused. But this one they figured out in seconds. Yeah, right. The strike happened, to my knowledge, at an airport. Is there any information as to how many innocent people, if any, died in this attack? I’ve searched but can’t find any information one way or the other.

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