Nice Dwarfs Wine Australia Flag Shirt

That bitch. She was just walking away when I got up, and said as loud as I could to the poor deli girl, “oh my god, she’s such a MASSIVE CUNT, I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with her anymore, I’m sorry you had to deal with her!”. Not quite on the same level as that German lady, but I did my best. Corporate retail/service work must be hell. I worked at a small restaurant as a server and the manager there was a sassy

Awesome Dwarfs Wine Australia Flag Shirt  

Vom Leben Gezeichnet Mit Farbe Vollendet Shirt - Design By

Awesome Vom Leben Gezeichnet Mit Farbe Vollendet Shirt 

2 Hall Of Fame Tommy Lasorda 1927 2021 Thank You For The Memories Signature Shirt-Design By

Awesome 2 Tommy Lasorda Los Angeles Dodgers 1927 2021 Thank You For The Memories Signature Shirt

Awesome Donald J. Trump Permanently Suspended From Wwitter T-Shirt

My stepdad is great about doing this. Once we were eating at a restaurant and there was a party of about 10 people next to us. All of them were rude as fuck. Well at the end of our meal my stepdad paid in cash and he said very loudly “here is the bill, and you can keep all the change. We are giving you a 100% tip to make up for the rude customers you have been dealing with tonight.” The table next to us went extremely quiet for a moment.

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