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I’m on unemployment and am told various times why are you on unemployment just get a job somewhere for the time being. Listen to fuckface no one is hiring everything is going to shit businesses wise best I can do is get a part-time job at a McDonald’s making less than I made or more and having zero benefits ins etc and getting less than fucking unemployment. Kids with rich parents trust funds are giant fucking idiots living in a bubble hit… not even fast food or retail is hiring. My friend lost their job and tried to get something in retail.

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Man, fuck everyone holding back relief. I got laid off in May. I searched for a job for months, just barely getting one as my federal payment benefits expired. Floated a month with no insurance for me and my family, hoping nobody caught anything. And I know I’m one of the lucky ones.“Oh but much debt, much economy!”Ya know what else is going to hurt the economy? More sickness and death. People not being able to pay their bills just to fucking make ends meet.

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