I Hate It When People Compare Me Shirt

Cats are a big problem for I Hate It When People Compare Me Shirt the local fauna.. as they kill all kinds of birds, lizards, rodents and so on. So letting cats out to roam freely, is pretty irresponsible. In my country, don’t know about urs, we’re actually allowed to shoot cats and dogs if they repeatedly venture onto our property, because they’re supposed to be kept on the owners own property or on a leash. Still I feel sorry for ur cat.. as it didn’t know any better, when u let it out..
On average each cat kills 16 animals a day and are the main cause of extinction. Plus they kill other people’s pets that are in their own yards. Letting your cat out is a dick move to other people and the environment. I’ve lost pet birds and wildlife on my property to people’s cats. Imagine if people let their dogs roam and do that. There would be pitchforks. Cats are in immense danger when outdoors too. Not only can they get hurt or even killed by other cats and dogs they can get hurt by cars, people and also themselves by getting stuck or getting into stuff they shouldn’t. The world isn’t a safe or kind place for domestic animals and cats are also not safe or kind for the world.
I’ve had to break this cycle with my son. I taught him as a child what it means to be “present” and emotionally supportive. Hes allowed to get in my face and demand my focus when he needs me and I’m zoned out. He laughs watching me interact with my own ma, who’s own ma is the source of emotional neglect. She was an eldest daughter to a widower with 8 kids who beat her every day

I Hate It When People Compare Me Shirt

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