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Lewy Body dementia is devastating. That’s why it has such a high suicide rate. LB patients suffer from awful hallucinations and delusions and lose their grasp on reality. They get very confused. Sometimes suicide is due to confusion sometimes it’s to escape. They also tend to become violent. My dad has it. It’s worse than Alzheimer’s. I’d rather my dad forget who I am than watch him suffer like this.

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I Don't Care Rip Black Panther 1977 2020 Shirt

We’ve gotten a handle on it and he’s surprisingly handling the hallucinations better than expected. Think we finally got the right medication. He’s become very religious and I just tell him to pray. Whatever works. I tell him it’s all the devil trying to scare him and to be strong and pray. The key is to understand that this is his reality. I can not argue with him or belittle what he sees. I kindly remind him that I can’t see what he’s seeing but can imagine how scary it is.

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