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As soon as Mars is self-sustaining they can do whatever the fuck they want. Do you think the international rules of space are strictly followed now!? No. No, they are not. Um. No. There are no laws/treaties governing any celestial body other than the moon. At best the current understanding is whoever establishes a base first claims ownership. Mainly because they are the ones in the best position to enforce their rules. I’ve sat in numerous lectures and discussion forums with world-leading lawyers in this field. It’s a very active question in asteroid mining. If SpaceX establishes a permanent manned base they will gain sovereignty.

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why on earth would we take land on another planet that 99.999999% of people cannot get to and force those that make it there to abide by ‘our’ laws… not only is it functionally stupid, but ethically dumb. Elon gonna do what Elon wants. probably will be a better planeteverycountry/government on earth took the land, forced people to live by their rules, or kicked the people out. If Musk successfully makes humanity a multi-planetary species, before whole governments can get their semi-retired selves there, he can do basically whatever the fuck he wants.
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