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Does uh, does anyone realize the US is doing this in retaliation? Because Iran is supporting terrorist groups that attack US bases, and on top of attacking the US embassy in Iraq. I get it, shit is escalating, but there is an equal amount of blame to be placed on Iran as the US. He was an active terrorist leader engaged in meetings with other terrorists in a country where the US currently has an active Status of Forces agreement explicitly allowing unilateral attacks against terrorists. It complied with US, Iraqi, and international laws of war. The same people saying this is a bad thing are the same people who turned.

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BHe was the world’s worst living terrorist. He’s responsible for the deaths of thousands of US and coalition troops, he’s responsible for several wars and played a part in most modern terrorist activity. It’s disgusting that people are condemning the US for this. He deserved to die a brutal death. A drone strike was mercy. a blind eye to Obama giving billions of dollars in cash to Iran for a “nuclear deal” that was never approved by Congress. (Where all international treaties must be approved, but according to the Military Powers Act, killing terrorists doesn’t need to be approved.

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