Hot Dragon Is This Jolly Enough Christmas Shirt

The problem with our government is that the typical poor person cannot campaign to win an election. The typical poor person struggles with rent and is busy looking for a job. The Senate seats are typically left for old, rich, white guys. And this is why our society is like this. friendly reminder that trump is staying in office as long as possible so he can delay being sued into oblivion. doesn’t matter the cost to 330 million Americans. he will be dragged out of there kicking and screaming and it’s pathetic. Brainwashing, Propaganda, poor education, fear, and a splash of racism.

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Ten bucks say trump will say something like “see what happened because you elected Joe Biden, this is his America” trump’ supporters will ignore the fact trump is indeed the sitting president, the senate, particularly Moscow Mitch and Lindsay ladybugs, will run with it and use it as an excuse to further obstruct the political process and keep fucking over Americans, and rinse and repeat to what end I have no idea, possibly back door Russian invasion through corrupt and vulnerable due to blackmail GOP politicians? Maaaaaybe!

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