Good Yoda Is This Jolly Enough Shirt

As a blue-collar worker, I say good (for the most part) there are plenty of jobs out there people don’t want to work least the majority of them are fine just being lazy, especially when the extra $600 was added it made it impossible for the billion-dollar company I work for to hire anyone, and all of their customers which are largely huge retail, service, and restaurant chains. People are fine just sucking on the government teet. It’s to easy to just collect unemployment and do nothing, it gets so abused its insane. That being said I understand there are a ton

Awesome Yoda Is This Jolly Enough Shirt-Design By

Awesome Yoda Is This Jolly Enough Shirt

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Have you considered that the jobs that are out there don’t provide enough income to support the people that are looking for jobs? Sure, you can get a job working retail, but those jobs are almost never full-time and are usually at minimum wage. They will also schedule employees with just enough hours to not legally have to provide them with benefits like health insurance at do you think about the vast majority of the last stimulus package being spent on stock buybacks instead of new hires.

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