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Suburbs around major metropolitan areas are mostly people that do not work in those towns. That’s just a fact, that’s why suburbs exist. Expecting people to work where they live means changing how cities are designed. Heck, there are cities where the people that live there work in other, bigger cities (see Newark, NJ or Jersey City, NJ). The only person I can think of that lived where she worked was my older sister (in Manhattan) and she moved out of Manhattan due to rising costs and now lives in NJ but still works in NYC.

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He’s not making a point he’s giving you FACTS! There should not be considered there should be action. Hire cops who will live and will commit to their neighbors a positive environment. This gentleman has stuck a dagger into exactly what’s wrong with not just the police force but with all public employees. Let’s start moving forward as one, not as separate entities. Can’t support this. I’m a city employee, where we were once forced to live in the city, but the Governor passed a law a few years ago making that illegal, so 15-mile residency.

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