Ghost Of Tsushima Stand And Fight Shirt

Not to make excuses for this behavior because it clearly is geared towards certain people they seem suspicious… but could this be the result of those neighborhood watch groups where people have been told to keep an eye on things? I see signs in certain areas about neighborhood watch groups etc like is this a cultural thing where people are supposed to be on the lookout? When I was little, I had an older lady neighbor who would steal AND open & read my parents’ mail. One time we even caught her in the act as she casually wandered into our entranceway and started fumbling and opening our letters.

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Ghost Of Tsushima Stand And Fight Shirt

I just had an “incident “ if you wanna call it one yesterday. I went to the store to get some things for my wife and new baby. Of course, being very tired, I forgot to lock the car door. I have a white sedan. So I come out, and there is a woman getting into the white sedan next to me. She tells me her daughter saw the black guy next to her,(also in a white sedan) get in my car. Looked like he was trying to steal something. Me being logical, I’m like “okay thanks for telling me” as I go through the car. Nothing was taken. Not that I had much to take.

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