Funny Meowing Evil Shirt

Symptoms I had were fever, loss of smell, body aches, hard to breathe at night, stuffy nose, and annoying ass itches. I also lost weight (went from 230 to 210) and couldn’t really work out for 2 weeks after that. This thing is new makes me say idk and that’s what’s scary about it. I think the more you have symptoms the worse it is to recover. I think most of them just think cause they’re young they’re invulnerable, which is a very dangerous stance.

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That reminds me of a cartoon I saw not too long ago with two castles separated by water, one had a sign that said “civilized” or something like that, and the identical castle on the other side said “barbarians”. Wait! hold up, I like taking pictures of myself holding my AR with my copy of “Mastering Office 365 Administration”. That’s basically my holy book. Am I the baddie?

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