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Islamists need to be sent back to their shitty countries if they think they can impose Sharia law abroad. It’s time to institute entry requirements on immigrants. They need to be able to assimilate to the society they’re emigrating to or they shouldn’t be allowed to come in. Sharia law is unacceptable. And any foreign-born terrorist needs to be deported, along with whatever family they came with. Only those who are able to and pledge to assimilate in the local country and agree to abide by its laws and customs should be allowed to live there.

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Anywho come in with religious or ideological beliefs that put them at odds with the emigrating country should be barred from coming in. Enough is. Every country in the world that stands for freedom of speech should project that cartoon on public buildings, it is time we normalize this behavior. Muslims must learn in a free state everyone gets offended and no one should be beheaded for a cartoonRemember even SOUTH PARK had the bend the knee because Muslim’s snowflakes threaten the networks.

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