Funny A Girl And Her Dog Camping Partners For Life Shirt

Yikes, kid watches too much news. I always appreciate it when people make sure things are kosher. I hold late work hours on occasion and cops always check to make sure I’m not breaking into a commercial property. I usually just thank them for stopping and let them see my ID so they can cover their bases. Never turns into anything. Outrage is new how do you do.

Funny A Girl And Her Dog Camping Partners For Life Shirt

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Am I the only one who thinks the freakout is on the guy’s side? Sure she should have minded her own business but she quickly understood it was a mistake and calmly let him be. While he just starts yelling at her calling her racist despite race never being mentioned So, are we now saying that if you see a black/Asian/whatever person doing something that might be suspicious and/or potentially a crime, and you happen to be white, you aren’t allowed to approach them about it, because of racism?

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