Dallas Cowboy And Louisville Cardinals Heart Fire Shirt

I don’t think this kind of a strong-arm approach is helpful but I absolutely hate head coverings. The argument; the justification and apology, for them is that they’re “an expression of modesty”. That doesn’t mean that there still isn’t a sexist double standard for the expression of modesty in Islamic culture. A thick beard is anything but modest. Men are free to display their immodest bravado while women are told that being themselves is a sin. And as a side note, head coverings and modesty based shaming still exists is western religious cultures. Fundamentalist Mormon and Amish communities also incorporate head coverings into their norms.

Dallas Cowboy And Louisville Cardinals Heart Fire Shirt


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I have empathy for an individual that didn’t choose to be born into a certain culture and set of ideological values. I don’t judge a woman who understandably feels beholden to the values of the culture that she was born into. You need to respect a human being’s life situation and the pressure one feels when being situated on the underside of a social bubble like that. Strong arming a marginalized demographic into conforming to “western progressive values” doesn’t help. When you try to shout people down they just double down on their beliefs.

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