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Wow, I knew I recognized this area!! Before anyone goes crazy this is from a completely unbiased standpoint – I used to live on this road (Redcliffe parade West) and my flatmate’s car was broken into TWICE in a year and all his stuff stolen. I’m not saying she was right at all but I can absolutely guarantee that this is a high crime road because there are no cameras and the police refused to do anything.

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Well if she was just asking. She didn’t come up like an angry Karen. He told her the license number and she was like, alright lovely. An apology would be nice but he was being kinda angry so I get that the apology wasn’t on the nr 1 at her priority list at that moment Mine gets broken into by light-skinned people. Sometimes dark. It is really a rainbow of flavors. But with video, my insurance still charges a deductible, and the cops don’t do anything at all, except allow me to fill out an online report so I don’t have to wait the 14-21 days to talk to a beat officer.

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