Cute Boxer Happy Hallothanksmas Shirt

Same. I used to refresh all night and wait. Hell even stayed outside a Best Buy in freezing temperatures overnight to get a Wii when it launched. Now? I’m too old to care, either I’ll get one by November 12th or I won’t; no use getting angry and losing sleep over it. It’d be nice to have it at launch but I have a PS4 and there’s not a lot of launch titles I’m super interested in right away. It sucks, but not like I can’t wait

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Cute Boxer Happy Hallothanksmas Shirt

I think I have an explanation here. Just because you bid on eBay doesn’t mean that you’ve committed to paying, once the bid is over eBay will ask you to pay and OP can just say no then the listing will have to be put back up again, and hopefully, be hit by another joke bid to stop the scalper from winning.

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