Awesome Just A Girl Who Loves Goats Shirt

Of course around midterms when his dining dollars would run out and he’d sort of panic and whine that he couldn’t afford anything. But what was so strange, is that when he would start to run low, he’s sort of laugh about not knowing anyway we could avoid going broke while continuing to buy only the most expensive option. But he’d also get really defensive when people wanted to talk to him about this.

Awesome Just A Girl Who Loves Goats Shirt

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Eventually, when he moved off campus it was the same thing. For the first two months, he’d feast. He’d get delivery constantly, ordering just way too much food, and of course, he’d never share it. But then once he’d nearly run out of cash, he’d buy like an emergency 50 pack of hot dogs and only eat that for the rest of the semester, while telling everyone else that they were lucky they had money to spend, and how not everyone had it so easy when it comes to money.

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