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You’ll see a mix of both, but some industries like home improvement, gaming, etc., are doing very well making hand over fist in money and drowning in demand. Most people in my Linkedin circle are still employed and are working from home, and many have been doing very well financially despite the pandemic. That extra money is definitely not going into a bunch of presents. It’s going to the bank, for the next rainy day. There are plenty of people willing and able to fork over hundreds of dollars above MRSP for a new gaming console due to more demand than supply, and that’s expected.

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 So while many will suffer because of job loss and such, there are also many who’s lives are business as usual except for now having to wear a mask at the store. I don’t think we have yet hit a point where there are massive white-collar WFH job layoffs to the point that it’s being noticed everywhere or the people that have been well off  At least, it hasn’t really affected me or people I know all that much except for a few temporary furloughs of former co-workers (who are employed elsewhere and are now still working).

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