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We’ve had 2 adult kids move home because of losing hospitality jobs. My oldest was pulling in $600-$800 weekly as a bartender and my youngest was working at a food court at the mall while taking classes at a community college. Now we have 4 people to feed. They can’t help with the bills and are using our electricity, gas, water, etc because of no more unemployment benefits. I’m so stressed I can’t think straight. And on top of that our area is really ramping up with Covid cases. Thanks, just needed to rant. I spent the last 10 years working my way up from dishwasher to general manager of a couple of different restaurants.

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I got hired at my most recent position in late January 2020, had 3 weeks of training, first covid lockdown hits about a month later. We reopened in June for about a month before closing again and everyone was laid off indefinitely this time. I’ve applied to hundreds of jobs and received exactly 2 interviews in this entire time period. I’m about to exhaust my unemployment, and the only jobs I’m technically “qualified” for now pay about half what I was previously made as a GM, and that’s with zero benefits. When they said it was going to be a dark winter, this was not what I was expecting.

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