1st Grade Teacher Shirt

My dad tried everything short of 1st Grade Teacher Shirt shooting a few “outdoor” cats who kept shutting/pissing in his garden, it got so bad we had to dig up and bag the shit-piss-stink dirt and replace it… He followed one of the cats home after it tried to mark his garden again, and told the owner they’d be responsible for replacing the topsoil of the garden, or be minus one cat, if it happened again. I do not condone harming cats, but nevertheless I understand that letting a cat roam the neighborhood and get into whatever cat adventures he wants to is going to present some real risks. One of those risks is pissing off a neighbor who tries to scare it off by hitting it with a small, mostly harmless air soft BB. If you let your cat roam free, please understand and accept those risks. You should not be surprised that a loose cat pissed someone off.
I have two indoor cats and reading posts like this hurt my heart. I’m sad for the cat but totally annoyed at the human caretaker. While your cat is roaming, it’s likely being a pest to another neighbor. While I would never kill an animal for being a pest, you can’t exactly be surprised if/when someone else chooses this route.

1st Grade Teacher Shirt

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